Chef Chris has explored many different careers, but nothing made him happier than baking for friends and family in his spare time. After winning several blue ribbons at the Indiana State Fair baking competitions, he knew culinary school was his calling. Graduating summa cum laude from the culinary program at Ivy Tech, he followed his education with training at several bakeries in Indianapolis. Eventually, it was time to showcase his talent for everyone to enjoy.

Le Petit Gâteau (meaning “the small cake” in French) was created to bring you delicious cakes, breads, and desserts with artistic finishes to impress at first look and first bite. Always on a mission to continue learning, Chef Chris takes continuing education courses at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy and visual art classes at Herron School of Art and Design. He spends part of his time teaching baking and cooking classes and loves sharing his knowledge with his community. Chef Chris could not bring you these delicious and beautiful creations without the support of his husband Brian, who currently wears many hats including chief of marketing, chief dishwasher, and chief taste-tester. They have a rescue dog named Scout who is spoiled with her own homemade dog treats.

We begin with using the best ingredients.  Our trusted brands and ingredients include:

King Arthur Flour®, Unbleached and Unbromated
Plugra® European-style Butter
Domino® Cane Sugar
Callebaut® Belgian Chocolate
Nielsen-Massey® Vanilla
• Cage-Free Eggs, Certified Humane
Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Dried Fruits

Using these ingredients with expert techniques and our in-house developed recipes create the perfect trinity of baking.

We also believe we have an obligation to be socially responsible. We source from suppliers who provide a living wage to their employees. Our flour is sourced from a 100% employee owned company. The chocolate we use is fair trade. We limit our use of single-use plastic.

Come see and taste the difference of a pastry artist!